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Spring Clean Your Anti-Inflammatory Pantry

Apr 12, 2023 | All

April is spring cleaning month! Whether or not you eat an autoimmune-friendly diet or not, it’s probably time to spring clean out your pantry and swap out some old with some new. I love using this month as an excuse to purge all of the excess stuff from my life and start off with a clean slate for spring. Today I’m giving you my tried and true spring cleaning process and a few of my favorite products for springtime.


How to do a pantry clean-out

A pantry clean-out is something you should aim to do at least every quarter. However, life gets in the way and for most people, this becomes an annual thing. It’s important to clean out your pantry because it can protect your non-perishables from an insect invasion, it can help you remember to use up items with an expiration date before they expire, and it allows you to reorganize so you have the most used items near the front.

Step 1

To start, you need to remove everything from the shelves. If you don’t have anywhere to put your items, bring a bag or box over to your cabinet or shelf and place all of the items in them. While you are doing this, try to place similar items together so it will be easier to organize when you are done.

Step 2

Now it’s time to clean. Use a vacuum to suck up all of the crumbs. Then use a general household cleanser to wipe down the shelves and walls. Note, if there is mold anywhere in your pantry, you will need to be extra careful. (For more information on how to clean mold, check out this article). Allow the shelves to air dry before restocking your pantry.

Step 3

Now it’s time to organize and purge. Hopefully, you sorted all of your pantry items by category. Go through each food category and check the expiration date. Toss out any items that are expired. Also look for damaged, stale foods, or foods that have been attacked by insects. Throw all of those out as well. Lastly, check the ingredients. If you are shifting more towards an anti-inflammatory diet, you want to start avoiding foods with a lot of added sugars, processed oils, flavorings, colorings and chemicals.

Step 4

Now is the time to toss those items and replace them with cleaner alternatives. As you restock your pantry shelves, wipe down any sticky food containers. Arrange your pantry by food type, and place the most used items near the front. If you have open bags, consider investing in silicone or glass containers that are sealable. Place the longest expiration date items near the back of the pantry and the shorter expiration items near the front.

Make your own cleanser

I started making my own cleanser about a year ago when I got tired of trying to find the best “clean” all-purpose spray and I hated how many plastic spray bottles I was using. Here are a couple of options for making your own household cleanser.

  • The easiest go-to cleanser is simply vinegar and water. Mix ½ cup of distilled vinegar with 2 cups of water. You can add a squeeze of lemon or a few drops of essential oil for scent. Invest in a couple of glass spray bottles to refill as needed. Note that you don’t want to use vinegar on tile, grout, or wood as it can cause damage.
  • A slightly stronger option is to use borax. Borax is like baking soda but more alkaline, so it works great on stains in the shower and bath. You want to mix this right before you use it – ¼ cup vinegar and 1 cup borax. Apply to the area, let it sit for 5 minutes, and then wipe away.
  • Lastly, for a disinfectant-level spray, use hydrogen peroxide. Diluted hydrogen peroxide is generally safe, and carries an A rating from the environmental working group. Mix ½ cup hydrogen peroxide with 1 cup of water and 2 Tb of lemon juice or a few drops of lemon essential oil.

My Favorite Clean Spring Swaps for the Pantry

While you’re cleaning and throwing out old snacks, here are a few of my favorite clean swaps to start including into your eating routine. (These product recommendations are my opinion and I’m not being compensated for my recommendations).

Swap 1: Chips for Veggie Chips

Crunchy snacks are the best, but not when they are full of processed oils. Swap out those chips or highly processed veggie chips for cleaner options. I love Rhythm veggie chips. They are straight up dehydrated vegetables with or without salt. My favorites are the beet and carrot chips. These are great to dip in hummus or guacamole.

Swap 2: Beef Jerky for Beef Sticks

Beef jerky is a great snack to keep you full for longer, but I hate the amount of additives that are in most beef jerky. I’ve been eating Chomps beef sticks as a cleaner alternative and they hit the spot. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes. The beef is also grass fed and finished which is really important from a nutrition standpoint.

Swap 3: Regular cereal for Grain Free Cereal

I grew up on cereal but it’s shocking how much sugar they pile into these breakfast staples. After lots of research, I finally found a suitable alternative that even my kids will eat. Three Wishes is a grain free cereal that has only 3 grams of added sugar and lots of protein.
Remember that spring cleaning is important to keep your pantry pest free, mold free and organized. Plus, it’s a great time to make those cleaner swaps to help you thrive on your anti-inflammatory diet. For more help with your cleaner eating pattern, contact me for a free discovery call or follow me on instagram and facebook.

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