Client Praise

Annie’s Client’s Success with Nutrition for Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders

More energy and less pain

“I needed an experienced nutritionist to help with my chronic medical conditions. My quality of life was not what I was willing to continue living with. [Since working with Annie] I’ve noticed a sense of well being, improved sleep and improvements with pain and energy levels. I now have more energy and less pain, so I can enjoy more active time. Annie provides excellent feedback, education and is available for even minor questions and concerns during the whole process of working together. I would absolutely recommend her services.”

Anetta M.
Redwood City, Ca

Annie provides practical, realistic advice that is doable with my busy life
“Annie provides practical, realistic advice that is doable with my busy life and it feels like she has my entire well-being as a goal. Before meeting with Annie, I was in a nutrition rut and felt like I needed some guidance on small, nuanced changes. I knew I needed help both refocusing my eating plan as well as broadening options for meals and snacks. After working with Annie, I feel more knowledgeable as well as more in-tune with my body. I feel more comfortable and at ease knowing that there isn’t a right way or an easy out. I physically feel better as well. And I’m so grateful that I have Annie’s support and guidance!”

Kari C.
Palo Alto, Ca

Helped me get on the track to a healthier lifestyle

“I am diabetic, have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was not eating an anti-inflammatory diet or even a very good diabetic diet. I knew I needed help achieving a diet that would better (my) health. I was having severe pain from rheumatoid arthritis and gained a lot of weight from poor diet and inactivity. Since starting the (LEAP) elimination diet, I’m having much less pain, fewer headaches, more energy and lower blood sugar levels. I have been able to stop all sugar, dairy, wheat and yeast. I’m satisfied with what I eat and no longer crave carbohydrates. I am starting to have more energy and spend less time sitting on the couch. Annie is a pleasure to work with, she is a calming influence and accommodates my needs. She always takes the time to explain my results and what I should try next. She’s a wealth of information about products that are clean and safe. I would definitely recommend Annie’s services. She has helped me get on the track to a healthier lifestyle!”

Kathy O.
​San Francisco, CA

Helping to create a sustainable lifestyle, rather than a quick temporary fix

“Annie has been a great source of support and knowledge. She’s helped me understand how to approach eating habits, rather than put together a diet…helping to create a sustainable lifestyle, rather than a quick temporary fix.”

​Mark K.
​​Mountain View, Ca

She was the first nutritionist I'd found who made me feel seen and hopeful

“After investing a lot of time and money to get diagnosed and treated for my autoimmune disease, I was hesitant to try yet another treatment plan that I wasn’t sure would work. I was already following the paleo diet and was fatigued by restricting my diet without seeing the improvement I was hoping for, and I wasn’t sure I had the motivation to start over.

When I spoke with Annie during our consultation call, she empathized with my experience. She was able to hone in on my pain points immediately and offer some constructive ways to address them together. She was the first nutritionist I’d found who made me feel seen and hopeful, and it was clear she had deep knowledge and experience, specifically with autoimmune issues (which, in my experience, were ignored or not well understood by other practitioners).

[Before working with Annie] I felt awful, physically and emotionally. My autoimmune disease affected my physical and mental health, my ability to complete basic tasks, my social life, and my confidence even before I knew what was happening to my body. I felt like my life was completely thrown off course, and without answers or support, I couldn’t hope it would get better.

My wellbeing has improved all-around since I began with Annie. I have less fatigue, wake up more energized, and work more movement into my day. Since I have less fatigue, I’ve been able to exercise more consistently and build more strength. I have less brain fog, allowing me to focus and complete tasks more easy (without excessive caffeine!). I also now have a tailored diet that makes me feel good, and feels easier to maintain long-term, which eliminates a lot of stress and frees up a lot of my brain space! I feel less anxious and more like my old self.

Annie was incredible to work with because she’s knowledgeable but also empathetic. From the beginning, she met me where I was, and gave me frequent feedback so I could troubleshoot any issues as they arose. She knows everything about nutrition, and guided me without making me fear food. She also took stock of my entire lifestyle and gently identified areas for improvement, and also gave me the tools and support to make changes that would stick. More than anything, Annie made me feel hopeful, capable and worthy of investing in myself.”

​​Valley Stream, NY

I could not be happier with Annie’s guidance
“I could not be happier with Annie’s guidance in helping me forge a sustainable path to a healthier life. For many years, my relationship with food has been a difficult one— trying restrictive diets only to end up binging and feeling shameful. Since working with her, I feel like I have been able to change my lifestyle in such a positive way. Annie is also very knowledgeable regarding how my hormonal disorder (PCOS) interacts with my nutrition. My symptoms are starting to become more manageable and I am so grateful for Annie’s help.”

Kiki C.
​Redwood City, Ca

Annie will listen and work with you and try to help you create a sustainable plan that fits your lifestyle

“I was ready to collaborate and try to find ways to be more nutritious in my choices.
I was stuck. I was trying everything and not losing weight and it was affecting many things.

[Since working with Annie] I feel better. I haven’t lost the weight per se but my body is feeling better and I’m learning to recognize when foods don’t agree with me. I’m listening to my body more. I’m able to not take the kids leftovers or force myself to finish if I’m full.

I think the most important thing was Annie was open and non judgemental and she worked with me. I felt she really tried to get to know me and create a plan that I could easily implement.
Annie will listen and work with you and try to help you create a sustainable plan that fits your lifestyle.”

Archna P.
​​Atherton, CA

Annie was easy to work with

“Prior to working with Annie, I was getting migraines, fatigue, nausea, bloating, and indigestion often. I was unable to work, spend time with friends, and do active things with this happening so often. Annie helped me understand my trigger foods and now I have a better understanding of what I should avoid to have the best health throughout my life. Annie was easy to work with and answered any questions I had very quickly. Each talk was very informative as well. I got a lot accomplished working with her.”

Anne S.
​​San Mateo, CA

I can wake up ready for the day
“I experienced frequent bloating, migraines, and fatigue. I felt helpless trying to figure things out on my own, feeling depressed to see myself bloated all the time and being on strong meds that don’t seem to help much. I decided to seek help from someone that could relate to my problems. My frequent migraines prevented me to have a social life and be present for my family. My pain and fatigue played a role in my depression. The migraine and fatigue decreased my work performance. The painful and unexpected diarrhea episodes brought me to the hospital a few times.

[Since working with Annie] I have noticed less bloating, less migraine episodes, less muscle pain and an increase of energy. I’m able to make food choices knowing several triggers for my symptoms. I am able to be migraine free for several days. I can wake up ready for the day.

I appreciated her sensitivity and non-judgemental guidance. She guides, teaches and shares her knowledge. Annie brings awareness to a number of food and non-food ingredients that can affect one’s life. She helps one identify those and how to replace such along with kindness and emotional support.”

Michely G.
San Carlos, CA

Lifted my confidence, improved my sense of well-being, and gave me strength and hope

“I instinctively liked and trusted Annie, she was highly recommended by my long time personal physician who I love and trust. Most importantly, I knew I needed the kind of help and guidance she could provide in my quest to improve my health and well-being.

I entered Annie’s dietary program in an attempt to cover all bases in my search for a method to reduce my pain levels and/or the frequency of pain. This program has been difficult….but just accomplishing this very difficult goal [of removing and adding back foods] week after week lifted my confidence, improved my sense of well-being, and gave me strength and hope that I could deal with whatever health issues my body decided to throw at me. I have hope now that I didn’t have before. I have inner strength and confidence now that I didn’t have before. I have an accurate, reliable source of knowledge, guidance and help that I didn’t have before. And, most importantly, I have documented a definite improvement in my ability to decrease the pain which I attribute to the dietary changes and perhaps some of the supplements Annie helped me choose.

Annie oozes patience, empathy and compassion, along with clear insight and a gift of sensing what questions to ask. It’s clear that she is extremely well trained, knowledgeable and efficient in her field of practice and her ability to gather needed information. Annie is a quick thinker – she can assess a problem and very, very quickly determine a suitable resolution. She is able to answer almost all my questions on the spot. On the very few and rare occasions she could not immediately pull up information, she never failed to follow through and send me an answer within 24 hours or sooner. I don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes anymore because I know she will review my decisions and guide me to the proper health choices to reach my goals.

I would recommend Annie’s services. Physicians, as well trained and wonderful as they are, do not have the kind of specialized dietary knowledge like a nutrition specialist has. Today’s research is linking more and more diseases, including pain and inflammation, to foods. I am now fully convinced that we must start paying more attention to the way food effects our bodies. And we need specialists, like Annie, to advise us in making needed changes. Her methods of treatment are well designed, safe, and take into consideration individual problems, limitations, likes and dislikes. She has the patience of a saint and won’t give up on you even if you are a nasty person. And she responds rapidly when you email a question or have a problem that can’t wait till your next consultation appointment. What other professional does that?”

​Colleen R.
Oldsmar, FL

Transformational for my health and overall being

“Having Annie as a nutritionist has been transformational for my health and overall being. I feel the best I’ve ever felt and do not feel deprived of anything. I would recommend Annie to anyone who is looking to step up their nutrition and change their life habits.”

​Emily C.
​​Boston, Ma

Annie would be an asset to anyone interested in undoing unhealthy habits

“Annie was very patient and was helpful in helping me change some of my long term unhealthy eating habits and patterns. I think Annie would be an asset to anyone interested in undoing unhealthy habits and also giving great advice and information as to how to do that. She is quite knowledgeable and is able to communicate well.”

​​Atherton, CA

Annie is very easy to work with and seems totally non-judgmental
“I tried to work with 2 nutritionists before and they did not work out. My doctor recommended Annie to see if she could lower my triglycerides because they have been chronically too high.

I was stuck with high triglycerides and I was stuck with my weight which was 5 pounds more than I should be for my height. I felt uncomfortable every time I looked in the mirror. Even with fairly loose T shirts I could see my tummy bulge. I’d never woken up feeling bloated until this year. My triglycerides fell dramatically in my blood panel after 6-7 months [of working with Annie]. Annie is very easy to work with and seems totally non-judgmental.”

Carol A.
Los Altos, CA

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