Client Praise

Annie’s Client’s Success with Nutrition for Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders

More energy and less pain

“I needed an experienced nutritionist to help with my chronic medical conditions. My quality of life was not what I was willing to continue living with. [Since working with Annie] I’ve noticed a sense of well being, improved sleep and improvements with pain and energy levels. I now have more energy and less pain, so I can enjoy more active time. Annie provides excellent feedback, education and is available for even minor questions and concerns during the whole process of working together. I would absolutely recommend her services.”

Anetta M.
Redwood City, Ca

Annie provides practical, realistic advice that is doable with my busy life
“Annie provides practical, realistic advice that is doable with my busy life and it feels like she has my entire well-being as a goal. Before meeting with Annie, I was in a nutrition rut and felt like I needed some guidance on small, nuanced changes. I knew I needed help both refocusing my eating plan as well as broadening options for meals and snacks. After working with Annie, I feel more knowledgeable as well as more in-tune with my body. I feel more comfortable and at ease knowing that there isn’t a right way or an easy out. I physically feel better as well. And I’m so grateful that I have Annie’s support and guidance!”

Kari C.
Palo Alto, Ca

I could not be happier with Annie’s guidance
“I could not be happier with Annie’s guidance in helping me forge a sustainable path to a healthier life. For many years, my relationship with food has been a difficult one— trying restrictive diets only to end up binging and feeling shameful. Since working with her, I feel like I have been able to change my lifestyle in such a positive way. Annie is also very knowledgeable regarding how my hormonal disorder (PCOS) interacts with my nutrition. My symptoms are starting to become more manageable and I am so grateful for Annie’s help.”

Kiki C.
​Redwood City, Ca

Helped me get on the track to a healthier lifestyle

“I am diabetic, have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was not eating an anti-inflammatory diet or even a very good diabetic diet. I knew I needed help achieving a diet that would better (my) health. I was having severe pain from rheumatoid arthritis and gained a lot of weight from poor diet and inactivity. Since starting the (LEAP) elimination diet, I’m having much less pain, fewer headaches, more energy and lower blood sugar levels. I have been able to stop all sugar, dairy, wheat and yeast. I’m satisfied with what I eat and no longer crave carbohydrates. I am starting to have more energy and spend less time sitting on the couch. Annie is a pleasure to work with, she is a calming influence and accommodates my needs. She always takes the time to explain my results and what I should try next. She’s a wealth of information about products that are clean and safe. I would definitely recommend Annie’s services. She has helped me get on the track to a healthier lifestyle!”

Kathy O.
​San Francisco, CA

Annie was easy to work with

“Prior to working with Annie, I was getting migraines, fatigue, nausea, bloating, and indigestion often. I was unable to work, spend time with friends, and do active things with this happening so often. Annie helped me understand my trigger foods and now I have a better understanding of what I should avoid to have the best health throughout my life. Annie was easy to work with and answered any questions I had very quickly. Each talk was very informative as well. I got a lot accomplished working with her.”

Anne S.
​​San Mateo, CA

Helping to create a sustainable lifestyle, rather than a quick temporary fix

“Annie has been a great source of support and knowledge. She’s helped me understand how to approach eating habits, rather than put together a diet…helping to create a sustainable lifestyle, rather than a quick temporary fix.”

​Mark K.
​​Mountain View, Ca

Transformational for my health and overall being

“Having Annie as a nutritionist has been transformational for my health and overall being. I feel the best I’ve ever felt and do not feel deprived of anything. I would recommend Annie to anyone who is looking to step up their nutrition and change their life habits.”

​Emily C.
​​Boston, Ma

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