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My 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 16, 2020 | All


​It’s holiday time!!! I love this time of year despite it being so incredibly busy and stressful. To help you with your gift giving or wish list, I’m sharing my most favorite products that have helped me better manage my chronic disease. From cooking tools to beauty products, there is definitely something on this list for everyone.
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use the links to make a purchase, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thanks!
 For those who need help with meal prep or planning…The Vitamix
This is THE kitchen gadget I honestly cannot live without. Yes it’s expensive, but boy does it make my life easier AND it lasts forever. My first vitamix I purchased back in 2005. It was a refurbished original and I instantly fell in love. Fast forward 15 years later, my original vitamix was finally replaced with this one. The new and improved version has program settings (including one for self-clean!) and a touchscreen that makes it a more seamless user experience. I also purchased the smaller container to be able to make smaller batches, including my morning green smoothie.

For cooking with stiff or inflamed joints…The Jar Opener
If you live alone or has a partner who travels, this jar opener is a must have. I can’t even tell you how many times this little guy has saved me when my husband is not at home and I’m scrambling to open an applesauce jar for my kiddos. Even with sore and painful joints, this gadget helps me open those super sticky jars.


For those who are longing for a little self-care….Beautycounter’s Ultimate Renewal Bath Set
I don’t know about you but I am dying to be pampered since the pandemic hit. I feel like I’ve had to be “on” all of the time with kids at home, working from home, being vigilant about staying safe…it’s exhausting, am I right? This gift is your answer to gifting yourself or a loved one a little “me time”. Did you know that dry brushing every day before you shower helps to exfoliate dead skin AND can improve circulation and detoxification? Brushing helps increase circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. It can also help to stimulate your nervous system. You want to brush upwards towards your heart in long strokes. The set also includes an amazing sugar scrub to enhance exfoliation, and a luminous body oil that leaves your skin feeling hydrated. And….you can get 15% off almost all Beautycounter products now through 11/29. Shop here and save!

For those focused on making dietary changes….Autoimmune Cookbooks
I had a hard time recommending just one, so here are my two favorite cookbooks. The Healing Kitchen is an oldie but goodie, full of autoimmune protocol (AIP) compliant recipes and meal plans to help jump start your journey towards better health. My second favorite and more recent cookbook is The Nutrient Dense Kitchen cookbook by Mickey Trescott. This book is beautiful and is full of information about eating a more nutrient dense diet, which can benefit everyone.


For those making a commitment to better sleep and recovery…The Oura Ring
Last but not least, my most coveted purchase in 2020 is the Oura Ring. I am not a fan of tracking devices but this has literally changed my relationship with sleep and recovery for the better. This ring tracks your different stages of sleep, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, respiration rate and more. Every morning I wake up with a detailed analysis of how well I slept, how long I actually slept, and if I’ve recovered enough to hit the gym or a trail run. To say it has had a life changing effect on my life is an understatement. 

Please reach out if you have any questions about your health journey or any of the products I listed above. Again, I may make a small commission on most of these products if you purchase, but all opinions are 100% my own. Happy holidays and happy shopping this holiday season!

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