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Five Easy Tricks to Starting a New Eating Plan

Dec 23, 2020 | Goal Setting, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disease


This month I’ve been focusing on gearing up for 2021, specifically on the importance of setting health goals and planning for those goals. If you subscribe to my newsletter, I already walked through the process of planning those goals. Making changes to our eating habits is probably one of the most challenging goals to achieve, and for those of us dealing with inflammation or autoimmune disorders, changing our diet can help immensely. However, altering our food choices can be insanely hard. Why? Because many of us think of our diet in terms of black and white. And when we don’t succeed, we throw in the towel. Changing our mindset around food and HOW it affects us can make a difference in how we view our food and food choices. Here are some tips to making these changes in a more sustainable and long-lasting way.

What is your “why”? Coming up with a reason for why you are going to follow a certain eating pattern is absolutely necessary. You need to have an end goal to keep you motivated, and it can’t just be “to lose weight”, because that is usually not enough. Let’s say you want to try the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). Will removing inflammatory foods help you live a more fulfilling life? Will it make your pain go away? Uncovering the reason for your dietary change not only provides motivation, but it can help keep you accountable. Write down your “why” and keep it in a highly visible place as a reminder when things get tough.

Have a plan: How many times have you tried to advance in your career without making a plan? Probably never. So why would you not come up with a plan to change the way you eat? Remember, change is HARD. Figure out your end goal and work backwards to make small changes that help you get there. Check out my goal setting tutorial on Instagram or YouTube for a step by step guide for goal setting.

Start off Slow: Please don’t shock your system by tackling everything at once! Whatever eating plan you are aiming for, try removing or adding one thing at a time. A slow progression will help you get used to small changes, and it will be much easier for you to feel successful and confident in reaching those smaller goals. For some clients who want to try AIP, I recommend removing one food per week (such as gluten) while adding one nutrient dense food each week (such as bone broth). Once they feel successful, proceed with removing the next ingredient until they reach full compliance.

Batch Cook: One of the biggest pitfalls of dietary changes is not being prepared. We are all busy and don’t go to the grocery store as often as we used to, so when there is no food in the house to eat, we reach for those easy, convenient meals that are usually not optimal. The best way to prevent this from happening is batch cooking. Pick one day per week to cook a large batch of something: vegetables, soups, snacks, an entire chicken, etc. That way you have food at the ready when you need it the most.

Ask for Help: Embarking on a health journey is never easy and usually requires some form of assistance. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Support from a family member, spouse or a friend can be incredibly beneficial in keeping you on track. This is especially important if you have a condition that causes fatigue, like most autoimmune diseases. Even if it’s grocery shopping or babysitting your kids while you cook, help and support can propel you towards your goal. If you need specific help with nutrition, please schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me. I’m always in your corner!

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